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cantine forgione

Though very young, Cantine Forgione has deep roots in the winemaking tradition. All the company’s wines are expertly cared for by our staff of oenologists, who are constantly engaged in the pursuit of qualitative excellence.
The production cycle involves a state-of-the-art bottling process and, before distribution, the wines are specially stored in our premises. In fact, thanks to the small size of our business, we meticulously follow every single phase of the production chain, from pruning to bottling. In order to achieve this, we have chosen the most difficult and least obvious way, which is that of dedication, perseverance and constant commitment, day after day. However, although we are still in the process of expanding and modernizing our working techniques, we intend to keep our winery the size of a small family business, so as to ensure continuity with the local wine tradition.
We believe in a virtuous philosophy of winemaking which involves a short and essential production chain that leads directly from the vineyard to the cellar, keeping at the same time an eye to the future, with the aim of creating high-quality products.
Cantine Forgione
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