irpinia: a land to discover


food and wines

Irpinia is a land rich in culture, traditions and food and wine. Crossing it you will discover the natural beauties that this landscape heritage offers.

About 13 km from Avellino rises Montemarano, where it is possible to visit two museums related to local history.

The Museum of Sacred Wallpapers is the living testimony of an ancient civilization, with its collection of precious Italian fabrics, mostly made in southern Italy between the sixteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth. It represents the heart of the most important collections of Parati Sacri for quality, variety and antiquity of objects kept and exhibited.

The “Celestino Coscia and Antonio Bocchino” Ethnomusical Museum hosts numerous photographic collections, recordings, visuals, books and various documents that testify to the importance of local ethnomusicology and exhibition panels that tell local history and traditions. Inside the structure there are also traditional musical instruments, which enhance one of the most rooted folk traditions of Montemarano: the Carnival.

For travelers who want to relax and fully enjoy the beauty of the area, it is possible to stop in the woods or in the numerous farmhouses that offer tasty traditional dishes.

Whether you are a traveler eager for adventure, hungry for knowledge or a lover of good food, this itinerary will surely be for you.

I believe that Montemarano represents the place of good living. Those who come to visit us will find welcoming people, a fresh and restful climate, our typical dishes, the wine from our cellars (the undisputed excellence of this territory), the wonder of our villages and unspoiled nature, the joy and lightheartedness that only our tarantella knows how to instill in the soul, the fascination of faith for our patron saint San Giovanni da Montemarano and for the religious events that for centuries have continued to be celebrated in our districts.

Have a good trip.